Chinese icon has postoperatively, Beijing may befall

HOUSTON. When the end of February Center Houston Rockets wounded and found to have broken a bone in the left leg, no one not even thought that he might come to participate in the Olympics in Beijing. But then the doctors declared that the NBA season ended for him a pause will be at least three months.

The huge Chinese dilemma did not address long. He decided to undergo surgery, which would have a month to speed up its return under the basket. He completed it on Monday with Dr. Clanton at Memorial Hermann Hospital of Houston.To his feet sutured a couple of screws, whose role is to strengthen bone.

“It was important to make a decision that a player wants and is best for his professional career. So we decided for surgery, “said Yao’s agent John Huizinga for the Houston Chronicle.

The Olympic basketball tournament begins Aug. 10 Until then, Yao could be wrong.

In basketball team inserted the Chinese high hopes.The local media have accused of Yao’s injury to his American club. Allegedly he strained, he played in too many matches and indirectly caused the stress fracture.

According to Titan Sports had in Houston alternate the position of the center, and then played Yao wasted a lot of minutes. “Congestion player was the main issue of his injuries,” he writes literally a Chinese newspaper. During his injuries to the starting lineup got a 41-year veteran Dikembe Mutombo.

Houston about his participation in Beijing and have no doubts for her understanding. “The representation makes him happy. We will not defend his representative.If you will be happy in the summer, we will not return next season, “he told ESPN Club general manager Daryl Morey.

For Houston is a appreciable loss. But the club without offset historic club series in the number of victories. Much more is fear sponsors, for whom would Chinaman’s absence mean the loss of several million dollars.

What is Yao’s fair value and how big the market is China, figures show. When in mid-November last year, played in the NBA trivial game between Houston and Milwaukee, one in the United States do not attach more attention.In China, however, more than 250 million viewers sat at the time.

For the first time, two Chinese basketball players – Yao Ming Houston, and Ji Jian-lian – newcomer to Milwaukee. “It’s the biggest Chinese basketball rivalry. For both China and the NBA it’s a great event, “she wrote before the match.

If Yao missed the injury at the Olympic tournament, it would certainly be reflected in his audience. For Chinese fans is an idol. Four years ago, in Athens, he was even the flagship of his expedition.

If there is any chance of getting a chance, Jao will certainly use it.Representation for him is more than a club. And it is not very fan of Bet365 online betting games Houston like it.