The Czech representation on Sunday will start the football tournament “Tour de France”

The Czech representation will start the football tournament “Tour de France” on Sunday. The national team from the Tours city base will fly for the first time to the opening championship of the European Championship with Spain, which will be on Monday Toulouse, and similar moves await him before the next championship matches. But players do not consider it a problem because they are used to traveling from clubs.

” A lot of teams like this, so it’s a reality. After all, 45 minutes on the plane is no problem.We have the backdrop and we’re going to the matches, so it’s not a complication for us, “added David Limbersky.

While on the previous Euro four years ago in Poland, Czechs played all three Wrestling matches in Wroclaw , This time they have to travel every day, from Tours to Toulouse, St. Etienne and Lens, all cities are about 500 kilometers away, and the representatives traveled about 2900 kilometers.

“It is the same for every team. When the Euro was in 2008 in Austria and Switzerland, it was a huge difference where you have a base camp and where you play. Someone had a piece of it and it was gone, somebody was lucky to have played twice in the same place. So there was a difference.But here it was scattered all over the place, “compared Czechs.

” We play three games everywhere else, and I do not think anyone has a bigger advantage than we do. Even the home team has to travel, so it’s not the final in the final, “added Arsenal goalman. ” After the previous Euro, it’s a difference. Here it will be a bit wilder, but it does not matter “, said Roman Hubník.

Representatives welcome that they have a base camp in France where they will come back. To pack, to travel to a city and to be there, just to pack, it would be so stupid. That’s what we’re going to do for all the stuff, we’ll take only a few personal things, and we can leave the rest at the hotel.We do not have to keep pulling it, so I think it’s good, “said midfielder Vladimir Darida.

Even the Czech team has players who do not like flying, and one of them is It was just Darida. “It broke up when we flew to Stuttgart and landed there for three times in such a strong wind that it was very unpleasant.There I stopped flying somehow, and every time there is a turbulence, my worst thoughts will come to my mind, “said Darida. ” I hope this is going to be fast and without a sudden landing Wind or a thunderstorm, “added Hertha Berlin to a midfielder.

Similarly, there is also midfielder David Pavelka. ” I have never done it yet, but it is true that I have been quite a half- Flew from Istanbul when our daughter was born. I used every spare moment to be at home, and I experienced some unpleasant flights. I will be happy to have a rest after that season, “said a player of the Turkish Kasimpas. ” Here are the short flights, it will be fofr. So we do not even know we’re in the air, “he added.

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